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Album Review

Conventional wisdom at the time was that MCA Records had signed John Hiatt (who had languished without a record contract for four years) with the idea that he would be their Elvis Costello -- a singer/songwriter in the fashionable punk/new wave style. Certainly, Hiatt has stripped down and roughed up from his Epic records here, fronting a straight-ahead guitar rock band (that was capable, of course, of playing the obligatory reggae number), eschewing the stylistic diversity he reveled in before, and throwing out snappy, aphoristic lyrics in a highly processed voice. None of this quite turns him into Elvis Costello, although the mean streak he reveals would serve him well later.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You Used to Kiss the Girls
  2. The Negroes Were Dancing
  3. Slug Line
  4. Madonna Road
  5. (No More) Dancin' in the Street
  6. Long Night
  7. The Night That Kenny Died
  8. Radio Girl
  9. You're My Love Interest
  10. Take Off Your Uniform
  11. Sharon's Got a Drugstore
  12. Washable Ink
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