Jill Sobule

Singer/songwriter Jill Sobule rose to fame on the strength of her 1995 hit single "I Kissed a Girl," a tongue in cheek nod to the media's fascination with "lesbian chic." Born in Denver, CO in 1961, Sobule grew enamored of rock music at a young age, but did not seriously consider a career as a performer until she spent her junior year of college abroad in Spain. Upon her return to the U.S., she dropped out of school to devote her full energies to music, but her work found little success as she battled with depression and anorexia. In 1990, Sobule finally made her debut with Things Here Are Different, which the songwriter recorded with producer Todd Rundgren. The album vanished from sight upon its release, however, and she was dropped by her label, MCA; disheartened and destitute, Sobule moved to Los Angeles and took a job as an assistant to a wedding photographer.