Yard Trauma

The Meat Puppets weren't the only rock band to emerge from Arizona during the '80s, as proven by the emergence of another act, Tucson's Yard Trauma. Founding members Joe Dodge (guitar, vocals) and Lee Joseph (bass) had previously done time together in a precursor band, Johnny 7, before forming Yard Trauma at the end of 1982. Although hardcore punk was taking hold locally at the time, Yard Trauma decided to experiment with such odd sounds as drum machines played through fuzzboxes, shortwave radios, and tape loops merged with poetry read on top of the wall of noise. After doing a few shows as a duo, a real drummer and a keyboard player were added to the lineup in time for a debut single, "Some People" b/w "No Conclusions," as well as a full-length, The Red Album, before splitting up in January of 1984 when Joseph relocated to Los Angeles.

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