The New York-based pop group Ivy came together in 1994 when multi-instrumentalist Andy Chase placed an ad in the Village Voice in an attempt to start a band. Musician/songwriter Adam Schlesinger answered Chase, for the two had mutual musical tastes -- both liked Prefab Sprout and the Go-Betweens. Within months, the two met Parisian-born Dominique Durand. Durand had come to New York in 1989 to learn English, not join a band. Ironically enough, Durand was a massive music fan and adored the sounds of the Smiths, the Pastels, and House of Love. This allowed her to click with Chase and Schlesinger. She'd never sung before, but Chase and Schlesinger encouraged her to sing on the demo for "Can't Even Fake It." It was a pleasant surprise -- Durand had found her voice -- one that would become one of indie rock's finest and most artistically well-regarded voices of the decade -- and Ivy was born.