Jon Auer

Jon Auer is co-founder of one of the most critically acclaimed power pop bands of the '90s, the Posies, formed in Bellingham, WA, with Ken Stringfellow. The two created a demo tape in Auer's parents' basement and sent it to PopLlama Records in Seattle; the tape was well received and they released it as their first album, Failure. They signed with David Geffen's DGC label and released three albums that were revered by music critics but went unnoticed by the general public. Upset that the Posies weren't selling as well as DGC's other Seattle-based bands, the label dropped them after the release of their third album, Amazing Disgrace. The Posies went on to release a final LP, Success, on PopLlama Records, before they broke up in 1998. Both Auer and Stringfellow joined Alex Chilton's Big Star in the early '90s and have toured off and on with them as well.

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