Bev Bevan

Bev Bevan was, after John Bonham, one of the more successful rock drummers ever to come out of Birmingham, England. Born Beverley Bevan in 1944, in Sparkhill, he became interested in music as a boy and, by age 19, had turned professional as a member of Denny & the Diplomats. They were one of the more popular groups on the city's burgeoning music scene, although their history was cut short in 1963 when "Denny," as in Denny Laine, quit the band to become part of what was initially called the M&B Five, later known as the Moody Blues. Bevan was left high and dry by Laine's departure, though he quickly landed another gig as a member of Carl Wayne & the Vikings. That band managed to record three singles that went nowhere, but the gig still paid off when, in 1966, Wayne, bassist Ace Kefford, and Bevan became co-founders of the Move.