Warren Entner

Warren Entner has the distinction of having been one of the original members of the Grass Roots -- though, owing to the confusing early history of that group, he was not one of the "original" Grass Roots. Born in Boston in 1944, he reached his teens in 1957 amid rock & roll's second wave -- by the early '60s he was playing guitar and singing, and crossed paths with California-born Creed Bratton, another singer/guitarist, and the two traveled around Europe and the Middle East as a performing duo. After a taste of working together in a band in Israel, they headed back to the United States, where Bratton later approached Entner about working together again -- out of that idea came the 13th Floor, with Rick Coonce on drums and, eventually, Rob Grill as bassist. Entner played keyboards as well as rhythm guitar, and also contributed some 12-string work, and he and Grill (and, to a lesser degree, Bratton) traded off lead vocals and choruses.